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  • Manufacturer of automated sand casting molding equipment and box free horizontal parting molding line
  • ZOOMZU is committed to the research and development and production of sand casting automatic molding machines, green sand casting automatic molding production lines, and wet mold sand treatment systems, providing stable, reliable, and suitable casting equipment and technical support for casting enterprises. We serve global casting enterprises with the essence of seeking truth from facts, striving for excellence, and never forgetting our original intention.

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    Horizontal fully automatic molding machine

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    Green sand casting and wet sand processing equipment

    • Guangzhou Zhongzhu Machinery Co. Ltd
    • Zoomzu is a high-tech enterprise under Meibang Group that integrates design, development, production, and sales of automated casting equipment. In the past 20 years, Zoomzu has played a positive role in promoting the trend of mechanization and automation development in Chinese casting enterprises. We have integrated the top technical talents in four fields, namely, horizontal parting automatic molding machine, automatic pouring line, wet mold sand treatment system, and Sand casting process technology. After more than 20 years of practice and development in the field of casting, we have formed a number of professional and mature technical teams in these different technical fields, and achieved some modest results, We have provided a total of 560 sets of automatic molding equipment and technical services for casting enterprises in China and even the world. We always develop and expand towards internationalization with a firm philosophy and services, and look for more in-depth cooperation opportunities to provide cost-effective, reliable and efficient tidal sand molding lines for more enterprises that need automation equipment casting. At the same time, we also welcome international friends and technical talents to join our team.

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